BatRecycle is an innovative way to help you re-use and recycle more batteries. Not only is BatRecycle a container for used batteries, it has its own battery testing device. BatRecycle displays instantaneous results for GOOD, PASS or FAIL, allowing you to put only ‘dead’ batteries in the disposal container. All other batteries can be kept for re-use.

The bin is big enough to hold batteries from an average household’s yearly use. When full, you simply take it to your nearest battery recycling collection point, empty it for free, and take it home or back to the office again. BatRecycle Smart Battery Disposal helps you make more efficient use of batteries and at the same time you ensure they go only for approved recycling rather than creating long-term contamination in landfill.

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Key Features of BatRecycle

  • Tests AA, AAA, C and D Cell batteries
  • Integrated diagnostic chip gives Good – Pass – Fail indication via LED scale
  • Capacity: 2kg Dimensions: Diameter 128mm x Height 228mm
  • High quality microchip controls ensure long & reliable use
  • Impact resistant injection moulded ABS and Polypropylene